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The simple truth is, life can get very lonely sometimes. The right formula may not consist merely of one factor. Rather, I believe that fostering good relationships, acquiring financial literacy and attaining emotional stability can help each of us enjoy this all-too-often lonely path.

Hi, I’m BERRS.

Adedoyin O. Kalesanwo (i.e Yours truly) is a young, female Nigerian writer who hails from the South-Western region of the country.

I run a personal blog under the pen name BERRS (pronounced the same way as BEARS), but I also answer to D, Dhee and/or IV.

I bagged degrees in Sciences and in Accounting, both before the age of 25. Yet before I became a scientist or an accountant, I was first a writer.

I started The BERRS with the aim to fill a void that I have felt over the years, as a result of being too silent about questionable societal constructs, religious dogmas, moral bankruptcy in this day and age, gender and sex-related inequalities, political agenda and misrepresentation of the facts, financial illiteracy and the stigmatization of mental health related issues.

It is my hope that The BERRS is as encouraging, educating and liberating to you, as you need it to be.

To view more of my works which include short prose (flash fiction, dribbles and drabbles) and excerpts from my diary, click here: My secret journal. You have access to all my blog posts in one place. Simply click on this link: All in one. Click here! Read more of my posts on Medium.

Connect with me via my social media platforms and look out for writing competitions and call for submissions. Kindly subscribe to The BERRS and be the first to get an update on new blog posts.

For advert placements, submissions, support and referrals, feel free to contact me through these media.

Alternatively, you can leave a comment on the contact page and I’ll get back to you as soon as is possible.

Your convenience is the priority, therefore every feedback is welcome and attended to with utmost care.

Kindly share The BERRS to friends and family to help spread the word.

Love and Light.


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