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How To Dye Faded Jeans (Black)

Materials needed: Flakes/Flavor, Stone black, Jeana dye sulphide/hydrosulphite

Soak a faded pair of jeans in cold water. Then boil your water in a bowl. In a third bowl, pour your chemicals all at once, after which you pour the boiled water into the third bowl and stir the mixture properly.

Squeeze away the cold water from the jeans and then, put in the faded jeans into the bowl containing boiled water, making sure to put the most faded parts in the water first. Cover the bowl and leave the mixture for an hour. Stir at a 15mins interval during this period.

Your jeans is dyed and can be removed from the bowl after an hour. Rinse thoroughly in cold water until the dye no longer stains the water. Dissolve alum in water to reduce the volume of water needed in the rinse. Dry in a cool place.

Dyed jeans should not be dried in hot sun to prevent fading.

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